First post

So, I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while and kept procrastinating or convincing myself not to, so I’ve decided to make my predicament my first blog post.

  1. That I wouldn’t be writing anything original, but I’ve decided I don’t care and that not everything I write needs to be an entirely new contribution to human knowledge. This will be meant to help me organise my thoughts, and this first post is the first examples.
  2. That nobody would read it, but I’ve also decided I don’t care. The purpose of this blog is not to have my voice heard, but to put my thoughts into some order rather than just spending night after night of insomnia thinking about things. And if I do get a reader or two, hopefully that will start some interesting discussions.
  3. That I wouldn’t have anything to write about, but I’ve decided I will write about anything that I’ve been thinking a lot about for a while, and there are many things I am always thinking about. It will not have any particular thing, so I may be writing about politics just as much as I’ll be writing about science or maybe a movie I just watched.
  4. That writing in Spanish would be hard because lately most of my thoughts are in English and my writing in English would be poorer than my writing in Spanish, but the point of this blog is to express my ideas, not to express them in a beautiful way. I will write no drafts, and I will not be picky with my grammar or style. This is to help me order my thoughts, not to entertain or to convince anybody about my ideas.
  5. That I was too embarrassed to make any of my writings public, and that keeping my writing away from everyone else makes my writing  pointless, but I’ve decided I shouldn’t be embarrassed of anything I do so long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.

And so, since I’ve convinced myself this is a good idea, or at least not a terrible one, here starts my blog.